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postheadericon Apex Capital Corp – What is it and how effective it is for business growth?

If you produce products in your company, you have to buy raw materials and individual parts and provide the right machines. As a result, he can get into liquidity problems even before the bill is paid by the customer. Different types of APEX Capital Corp factoring can fill this gap.

Factoring instead of bank credit

Especially in times when banks are reluctant to lend, companies can easily get liquidity problems. With banks having to abide by the policies of governments, interest rates on loans are rising and credit checks are tightening. As a result, entrepreneurs often have to forego planned expansions or even reduce production to solve their liquidity difficulties. Factoring removes this bottleneck and production can continue or increase as planned.

Liquidity difficulties due to payment delay

Invoices that are sent to the customer are often paid late or in installments. This is because the customer initially receives his product and it is often the case to grant a certain payment period. Especially with large bills, installment payments are often agreed so that the buyer has a lower monthly burden. However, the entrepreneur who manufactures and delivers the product may experience liquidity difficulties as he has already had to pay for the product’s manufacturing and shipping expenses. By factoring he can close this gap between delivery and payment.

Advantages of factoring

It should be noted that factoring is a financial service that is beneficial both to the supplier of goods or services, and to a banking institution. The factoring scheme in a simplified form is as follows:

  • At the first stage, the supplier company grants its customer a deferral of payment (most often for a period of 4 days and not more than 180 days), and the right to receive funds is inferior to a factoring company or a bank;
  • Then a banking institution or a specialized company pays the supplier part of the debt instead of the buyer. Usually it is about 70-90% of the total debt of the debtor;
  • The buyer repays the debt to the bank after the expiry of the grace period, in turn; the banking institution pays the supplier the remaining amount of the debt – 10-30%.

Thus, factoring allows the supplier to sell goods on a deferred basis , attract additional buyers with such favorable terms and at the same time do not withdraw current assets, do not wait for the expiration of the grace period, but get almost the entire amount of debt immediately. In addition, the bank takes on all the major risks: interest, liquid, foreign exchange and credit.A banking institution makes a profit from providing financial services and attracting new customers.

\The buyer receives a sufficiently long grace period, can safely deal with the promotion of goods, this type of financial services is especially attractive for start-up entrepreneurs and representatives of small and medium-sized businesses.

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