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postheadericon Finding the Right Factoring Company Can be An Essential Option for You

Factoring is a complex of financial services rendered by the Bank to a client in exchange for the assignment of receivables. Factoring allows companies operating on a deferred payment basis to receive cash on already contracted contracts before paying for goods and services by the buyer. This is one of the effective ways to increase working capital.Factoring provides an opportunity to significantly expand the business, increase trade turnover and enter new markets. Our participation will help grow your business!

The main advantages of factoring

  • A deferred payment, which allows attracting new debtors and starting the development of new markets;
  • Minimizing the risk of delay in receiving payment;
  • Absence of shortage of circulating assets and acceleration of turnover, which contributes to a stable growth in revenue and profit;
  • Granting of financing for the period of actual deferment of payment and repayment on the day of payment by the debtor of the delivered goods, rendered services, which makes it possible to use the attracted funds more effectively;

Repayment of debts is not made by the client, but by its debtors – gradually, as they pay for the delivered goods and services, so there is no need for emergency mobilization of funds on the current account at the time of financing repayment. Here the factoring loans work perfectly.

  • more efficient management of receivables.
  • Factoring from Bank “Saint-Petersburg” is –
  • paid financing up to 90% of the amount of the claim;
  • postponement – up to 120 days plus waiting period;
  • accounting and maintenance of all customer accounts receivables;
  • provision of information on the current status of receivables;
  • no restrictions on the number of debtors;
  • A special offer for suppliers of large retail chains;
  • an individual approach to each client, a flexible system of tariffs;
  • Operative revision of financing limits.

Types of factoring services

  • on a one-off deal;
  • With the establishment of a term and a limit, within which the claims to debtors will be assigned.

Factoring services of this kind are combined with discounting of invoices. The essence of it is that the bank as a factoring buys from its client the right to receive money from customers, while crediting him on the account about 80 percent of the value of the shipped goods immediately, and the rest of the amount-on a due date, regardless of the receipt of money from the debtor. This is, in essence, a loan for shipped goods, for which the client pays a stipulated interest.

Confidential factoring provides for a limited list of services, which include:

  • acquisition from the supplier enterprises of the right to receive payment for commodity transactions from a particular buyer or group of buyers;
  • purchase from suppliers of accounts receivable for goods shipped (rendered services)
  • Purchase of bills from their customers.

Thus, the essence of confidential factoring operations lies in the fact that the bank (factoring department), at its own expense, guarantees the supplier to pay payment orders submitted by him to certain payers immediately on the day of their presentation for collection. In turn, the supplier hands over to the factoring department of the bank the right to receive subsequent payments from these customers.

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