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In here, a factoring company is a credit institution.This establishment can distribute credit and financing to companies under certain conditions and by respecting a precise and rigorous specifications framed by the banking laws.

Factoring companies may be subsidiaries of banks (the main French banks all have a factoring subsidiary) or independent non-bank companies that may be subsidiaries of industrial or financial groups. A factor company is important now.

Outside the country, the status of factoring companies varies from one country to another. In some countries, such as England, the regulations are very light and the factoring companies are particularly numerous.

E-factoring has forged partnerships with more than 20 financial institutions.

How do factoring companies refinance themselves?

Factoring companies refinance in a number of ways.

Own Funds

First on their own funds, drawing on their cash, but that implies they have made profits in previous years and they have left in the business.

Financial Markets

Then, the factors are refinanced also on the financial markets through the banks. They benefit from short-term credit lines granted by one or more banks, at the market rate. These lines of credit are renegotiated each year according to the structure of the balance sheets presented by the factors with the lending institutions.

Meris Houses

Finally, factoring companies also refinance with their parent companies. They all have one, which enters current accounts directly into the cash of the factor and issues counter-guarantees, usually by comfort letters, to guarantee the lines of credit granted.

An enterprise may use the factoring method when it wishes to entrust its claims to a financial institution for reimbursement.

The factoring method is useful for customers who do not pay their bills. Factoring can be very useful for companies that charge professionals, and want to somehow subcontract the management of their receivables (what customers have to pay).

What is factoring?

A credit institution is responsible for collecting the debts of a company, ie the payment of invoices, the payment reminders for late customers.The company can then delegate 100% administrative management and sometimes unpleasant recovery of its accounts receivable.

How it works?

It is then a contract between a company and a financing organization / credit institution. When the company issues an invoice, the funding agency will settle the amount in question, taking a commission for each transaction.

The company also entrusts the administrative management of debt collection to the financial organism. That is to say that it takes care of all the necessary steps to reach the payment of invoices.

This method may be particularly useful for customers who pay late or who do not pay at all …

Most banks have factoring subsidiaries of their own.

Why use this method?

The factoring method allows companies to receive payment directly from an invoice issued to another professional. This method only works for business-to-business transactions, not business-to-business. It is the credit agency that will pay the amount due. As a result, the company using this method does not have to wait until the bill payment deadline to receive the payment. This allows him to maintain his cash level.

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