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postheadericon Fine Options for the Proper Facelift Now

As happens with surgical interventions, the lifting requires a period of recovery and rest after the intervention, as well as care to obtain the best results.

Ways to take care of your face after a face lift

The lifting facial is a surgical procedure where dead skin is stretched and excess dirt and toxins are eliminated. This treatment gives you a younger look, with fewer wrinkles and more firmness.However, the final result will depend on the care you give to your skin after treatment. After a facelift it is necessary to maintain an attentive and disciplined care.

In case you are planning to perform a face lift, you should consult a doctor. He is the only one indicated to carry out the treatment. You can have the here now.

Have you already undergone this procedure? In that case, be sure to keep the following care:

Keep calm

Love the tranquility

  • After a facelift it is strictly necessary to avoid any situation that may alter or stress you, as they can interfere or unbalance your mood.
  • It is also important not to make any kind of effort after the treatment.
  • And, because it is a beauty treatment, many of us think that we can resume the activities of our daily life quickly.

However, it should not be so because the recovery process requires at least three weeks of rest during which you must follow the instructions given by your doctor.

Sleep on your back

This may be one of the most difficult requirements to meet after a face lift, as many people tend to constantly change their posture during sleep.  However, if possible, try to keep the head position up. In this way you will be able to maintain the correct circulation. By sleeping in this way, you allow your skin to adapt to the new changes established.To facilitate sleeping on your back you can help by placing pillows on the sides of the face. In this way you force your head not to move too much.

Apply ice in the area

Ice on the skin

  • After a facelift it is usual and completely normal to notice inflammation. The time it takes to disappear will depend to a large extent on the subsequent care you give to your face.


  • Placing ice in the area is one of the most effective methods to decrease inflammation.
  • To improve and accelerate the results, you must do it repeatedly and in a disciplined manner.
  • A few hours after performing the procedure, it is a good idea to apply enough ice, as this is the best effect you have.

In addition to reducing inflammation, applying ice to the area will prevent bruising. Another benefit of the application of ice is the reduction of the tight feeling, one of the most notorious and uncomfortable symptoms after a face lift.

Use an orthopedic bandage

It usually happens many times and in different aesthetic operations: people oppose or neglect the use of the bandage recommended and necessary for recovery.

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