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postheadericon Healthy Kitchen Basics: Replacing and Caring For Sponges

Your health and the health of your family are at the top of your priority list, which is why you make a point of washing your dishes well. But did you know that your sponges and pot scourers are among the filthiest items in your kitchen? If you think about the amount of washing they need to do, it’s not surprising.


That is why reliable sponge and pot scourer manufacturers like SMI Industrial suggest the following sanitary measures, for your own health, safety, and peace of mind:

Kitchen Cleaning via Proper Supply Maintenance

Clean them regularly, and properly


This is the absolute most important factor to take from this article. Most of us don’t think to wash the sponges that we use to clean our dishes and surfaces, not realising that while these sponges are meant to be cleaning they are picking up more and more dirt. Eventually, you will now realise, this will only serve to spread those germs and bacteria growing on the sponge around your kitchen.


So, after washing your dishes with that sponge, every time, quickly clean it using one of these methods:


  • The Good Housekeeping Institute suggests that the best method is to mix some bleach into a bucket of water and to soak the sponge in this for five minutes before rinsing.
  • Many bath sponge manufacturers (who make the same sponges used in kitchens) suggest microwaving damp sponges to kill the majority of the bacteria found thereon and to inhibit further bacterial growth.
  • Throwing your sponge into the dishwasher, if you have one, is also a popular suggestion, especially for those who use sponges to wipe down their countertops.

Wring them out, and keep them dry


Whether it’s after washing up or cleaning the sponge itself, always make sure to squeeze and wring it out thoroughly. Damp sponges are the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria, especially when left on wet sinks or cupboards. So make sure to dry it thoroughly, and then store it somewhere dry as well.

Don’t be sentimental, toss them out


The harsh reality is that no matter how regularly you clean your sponges, you shouldn’t keep using them for longer than two weeks under any circumstances. Bath sponge manufacturers pump these out by their dozens on a regular basis, and they are very affordable. Do your health a favour and keep replacing them every week or two.

If you are still unsure about how to deal with your sponges and scourers, contact a reliable pot scourer manufacturer and let them advise you on the best way forward.

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