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postheadericon How To Avoid Divorce With Taragh Bracken

That 4-carat diamond ring is no longer in service and rests in the dusty drawer near your bed that is filled with a ton of miscellaneous items. You are constantly in pain, feeling like no day is getting better but only worse. Many people who haven’t gone through a divorce (yet) don’t quite understand the emotional severity that it can leave on a person. That’s why we’ve invited Taragh Bracken, a well-appraised family lawyer, to provide us with some advice as she has seen countless failed marriages in her office and knows the ins and outs of what causes a couple to say goodbye for good.


Some of the worst words that you’ve ever heard leave your wife’s tongue—“I’m done. I want a divorce.” Your heart sinks, tears spill out of your eyes uncontrollably and you cannot fathom how your life will go one for the next few months with any normalcy. If you’re serious and want to put an end to this proclamation, to win the love of your life back, then this is what Taragh Bracken believes you should do collaboratively.


Stop Moping and Get Into Action

Allow yourself one day to panic and cry and scream at your friends. Once you’ve done this, this is your time to get your football gear on and make a true line of defence that will bring your marriage into a happy place and out of the gutter that it is currently experiencing. Bracken has witnessed many individuals play the victim role, in which she states is far from the route you want to go because if your spouse does follow through with it, then you’ve still failed to dictate the core of what it is that you are trying to solve.


Act Like You Care About Them

Instead, shift gears by focusing on what beautiful aspects you can infuse into the relationship. Laugh at your spouse’s jokes, ask them about their day and how that important conversation with their boss went instead of walking straight to your room and shutting the door on them. Flatter them on that new tie or cute shoes that they just bought. Appreciate the person you fell in love with and married. Show them that you still have affection for them even if you are going through a tough time.


Have an Open and Honest Conversation

It’s a fair and honest thought that your relationship can be saved by many conversations. Hiding how you feel will only build up tension and pain—fledging you into a full-blown fight at the end of the day. Do not combust, instead converse. Take pen to paper and write down a list of all the criticisms and issues that your spouse has raised. Speak with your almost-ex about every single item, and discuss where you believe that the mistake in your behavioural and thought patterns originated from. This way, you can work to seriously relieve yourself from it.

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