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postheadericon How To Avoid Hate and Suffering Hexes the Easy Way

While we can’t alway avoid hate and suffering curses, there are simple steps to keep their draining powers at bay.

Hate and suffering hexes seem to be more and more present in our society today. Low energy levels, illness, and a creeping sense of unease are just a few of the symptoms of hate and suffering hexes that we’re all a little bit familiar with. To prevent letting the side effects of hate and suffering hexes from getting you down, here are five easy steps for you to take in every day to avoid the sometimes cataclysmic effect of another’s sour energy:

  1. Keep Your Energy Topped Up

Just like other illnesses, hate and suffering hexes will sap your energy and slowly tear you down. The best way to avoid their destructive powers is by finding a time every day where you can meditate and focus on recharging and restoring any of your lost energies. This is best done at sunrise or sunset, where you will not be influenced by the energy patterns of the day. Ensure that whatever you’re fueling your body with is pure. Eat good foods and show the appropriate reverence to the Goddess and Gods at any time. Dismiss any feelings of frustration or depression that may try and infiltrate your energy. Be protective of who you share your energy with at this time. Just as you wouldn’t want to share an illness with someone, a hex isn’t something you’d like to share either. Be especially protective of your energy as it is bound to be low while enduring hate and suffering hexes.

  1. Never Panic

Even though it’s understandably scary to find out you’ve been on the receiving end of hate and suffering hexes, don’t panic. Allowing your energy reserves to be depleted by worry or fear can serve to increase the hexes hold on you. Take a few calm, deep breathes and remind yourself that you are stronger than the hex. If you feel panic, anxiety, or fear start to surface, take the time necessary to take cleansing breaths until you find yourself in a more calm state. Usually these feelings are not actually natural for us and are a result, or physical symptom, of the hex itself. Depending on the black magic used, hate and suffering hexes are usually started at tearing away the assurity of our calm and happy mind state. Do not give in to the hex. Remain calm and strong. If you can’t seem to remain calm despite your efforts, you may be dealing with a stronger hex and should seek guidance.

  1. Daily Cleansing

Daily cleansing of your home, your aura, and yourself are important self-care rituals that should be followed regardless of whether you find yourself under the power of hate and suffering hexes. Laying salt lines, cleansing the air with sage, and aligning and recharging crystals in your home should all be employed. Consider hex appropriate talismans and place them throughout your home. To cleanse your aura- depending on what magick you identify with – a salt bath or natural waters retreat are paramount to keeping your aura in top health. Consider these rituals at least once per week normally, or daily if you believe you have been hexed. When cleansing your body, be mindful not to use harsh chemicals or water. Use natural or spring water whenever possible. Amulets are also another great way to cleanse your body and keep a talisman with you. Make sure you have an idea of what type of black magic is being used and use a specific amulet for a more powerful level of protection.

  1. Focus Your Inner Strength

Remind yourself, and your assailant, that you are stronger than hate and suffering hexes. Build your inner strength and take time to harden your resolve. Breathing and visualization techniques are powerful adjuncts to the feeling of loss of strength. Take time to focus on your aura and build moments of strength. Ensure that these rituals are performed within your household so that your place of rest is just as strong as you are. Divination spells can give a better idea of the type of hex (or hexes) you may find yourself suffering. Once you have an idea of what type of hex you have been plagued with, you can then more easily take appropriate actions to preserve particular energies. Until then, stay focused and stay strong.

  1. Consider Your Talismans

Depending on the hate and suffering hexes you may have been afflicted with, choose your talismans wisely. With different types of magic, different talismans are useful. You wouldn’t select the same talisman for protection against Chinese black magick hate and suffering curses as you would with Voodoo or Santaria. With many forms of protective black magic, hexes are sent back to those that hexed you in the first place. Ensure that you’re aware of the offending magick before you take responsive measures.

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