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postheadericon How To Keep Your Space Clean

Handy is a company that puts people in touch with cleaning professionals to provide a positive service for homeowners or renters in order to get all of the chores around the house all taken care of. There are certain things you can be doing that to make sure your place is as clean as possible in between cleanings.


De-cluttering to clear the mind

There are certain things people keep at home in the hopes of using them one day but reality is the odds of going through them and using them again are very low. Coupons are examples of things that can be collected throughout time but usually expire if not used by a certain date. There are even electronic versions of them and there are features, which can help you, delete ones that have already expired.

When we purchase magazines, we usually read them once and then throw them in the corner to most likely never look back at it. If your goal is to get our children to use them for collages or whatnot, only keep three.

When we look around in the kitchen, there are things that might have expired of which we are not aware of yet. It is good to keep an eye on the items that we have not touched in awhile to see if it is still good to consume. If there are items of which are close to expiry, too into the guidelines for local food banks to see if you can donate the items.


How you can reduce clutter?

This is especially true for women or metrosexual men that have a lot of clothing. It is not common to be using all of our clothing everyday. The rule should be if you haven’t touched a piece of clothing in a year, it is should be the time to get rid of it cause odds are you will not be wearing it again. Handy has a rule of thumb for customers that are you wear 20% of your clothing 80% of the time. Give away your old clothing to a donation bin or a local store that resells it to the community.

After the holidays and your birthday, you might find yourself with excess of old wrapping paper and supplies. We think that one day we will reuse them and we will. Just the rate at which we do will still allow for the clutter of these supplies. Online invitations

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