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postheadericon The Win-Win Option for the Best Load Board Option Now

Descartes helps automate manual control and settlement processes, helping to better identify errors, improve financial analysis and reporting, and ensure immediate savings and operational efficiencies. We can offer automated control functions for all of your transportation invoices as opposed to traditional manual sampling methods. This reduces both the errors and costs associated with the audit. Your organization can define rules about tolerances and handling of anomalies. With the top load board services this is important.

Transportation invoices can be managed through multiple workflows, including automatic billing, e-billing, and traditional reconciliation and settlement processes. The solution can optionally be configured for auditing processes through distributed invoice control / bill payment centralized in large organizations or those with multiple divisions. Thanks to powerful functions of regulation and automated control of the freight, Descartes offers the following possibilities to your company:

  • Improve cash flow by pre-checking pre-payment transport invoices
  • Reduce time spent on cargo screening and approval
  • Eliminate the administrative burden of billing by automated processing
  • Avoid payment of incorrect transport bills to carriers
  • Recover the amounts collected in excess by the carriers
  • Improve financial reporting and

Ensure optimal pricing by suppliers

The export documentation service helps you effectively expand the distribution of your products and services in North America and around the world.It simplifies the work of exporters to conquer new foreign markets by managing all export documents on their behalf. We ensure the professional management of your exports to free you in the management of your own business.


A dedicated team completes and manages all required export documents, improving your customs compliance, meeting your shipping deadlines and strengthening your customer relationships through strict quality control.

They forward your export declarations, coordinate your shipments and process the invoices of your carriers. By entrusting them with these tasks, your company is free to focus on internal efficiencies. They keep you informed of the status of your shipments and new regulations for international shipments. They keep your records and documents for a period of five years, as stipulated by the customs authorities, which prevents you from doing it yourself. They save you money through our global network of reliable carriers.

In other words, the values ‚Äč‚Äčindicated are “Gross Capabilities” or “nominal capacity”. Then the actual load of the crane that can lift is known as the “net capacity”. Therefore the maximum load must not exceed the net capacity of the crane.

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